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David Castillo

Child Sponsorship Director

David is a foster and adoptive parent who has served in ministries in Korea, Peru, Ecuador and the United States, focusing on child sponsorship programs. Following a 27-year career in the military, he served full-time as a Children’s Pastor for 7 years and now continues his child advocacy ministry with Eli House Mission. He attends Grace Point Church Medical Center and serves each Sunday on the security team. David owns a photography business specializing in kid’s sports and astro-photography. He and his wife, Dorothy, and their children live in San Antonio, Texas.

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Melodie Sommers

 Trip Coordinator & Administrative Assistant 

Melodie is from Hartville, Ohio and a small business owner.  She has been involved with facilitating short-term teams to Eli House for over four years and also helps with administrative duties. She enjoys reading, cooking and being outdoors.

Brianna Sommers

Administrative Assistant & Media Manager

Brianna is from Hartville, Ohio and a 2018 graduate from Lake Center Christian School. She helps with social media, translation, and is the website manager. She also helps facilitate short-term mission teams, among various other duties. Brianna enjoys reading, playing sports, and baking.

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Chris Smith


Chris is from Magnolia, OH and is married to her husband Shawn. She has a passion for assisting others with organization through administrative work. She enjoys weekend trips to the mountains, and loving on her family, dog, and goats.