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Location: San Luis Río Colorado

How long are trips?

The majority of the mission trips we do are from Saturday to Saturday.

What will we do on our trip?

Each team will do a variety of activities during the week they are serving. It looks different for each team, but playing with the kids is always a part of our week! Some of the other activities that we do are: medical/dental clinics, construction, ministry at the local dump, street ministry, VBS, and immigrant ministry. 

What will we drink?

We will provide bottled drinking water that you will get from a water dispenser. There is a water dispenser in each dorm as well as one in the cafeteria.

What will we eat?

Our local Mexican cooks will provide some of the meals for you throughout the week. Chimichangas, sopes, and quesadillas are some of the delicious foods you will eat. Breakfast and lunch will typically be normal American meals (ex: breakfast - cereal, lunch - cold sandwiches, chips). In addition, you will be treated to an amazing, authentic meal at a local restaurant once or twice a week. 

Where will we stay?

You will be staying in our air-conditioned dorms. Each dorm is equipped with bunk beds, sheets, pillows, and sleeping bags. Bathrooms (showers, toilets, sinks) are located inside the dorms. Our dorms are located on the church/school grounds and are fenced in. The local pastor's house is also located on these grounds.

Do I need a passport?

A passport or passport card is required for our trips to SLRC. Since you will cross the US-Mexico border by vehicle and not by air, a passport card is acceptable. 

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