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What is the Before/After School Program?

Our before/after school program runs Monday -  Thursday during the school year.  Our students are fed a meal, given a devotional, tutoring, and get to participate in Bible, music, English, and art classes. 


When do the students come?

In our area of Mexico, there are two different sessions of public school each day that students can attend: morning and afternoon/evening. Eli House follows the same system so that any student has the opportunity to come. If a student goes to public school in the morning, they come to Eli House in the afternoon and vice versa. Our program is Monday - Thursday during the school year with vacation time during the summer.

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How is the program funded?

Our program runs entirely on child sponsorship! Each student in our program is sponsored by someone like you, giving them access to extra care, schooling, and the chance to learn about God. 


Why a before/after school program?

Many of our students have a lot of free time where they are allowed to run the streets and get into trouble. Some parents work 12 hours a day, leaving them with little time to take care of their children and also ensure they are doing their homework. This is where our program comes in, as we tutor, feed, teach, and love on the children during some of their free time when they could be getting into trouble. Our goal is that by sharing the hope of Jesus with children and their families, we change the world one child at a time. 

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