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Child Sponsorship FAQ

How do you use my financial support?

All sponsorship contributions are combined to support our child sponsorship program. These funds are used to provide a meal each day, as well as the daily classes and activities at Eli House Mission. We connect each child with a sponsor, who can pray for them and encourage them through letters, pictures and, when possible, mission trip visits. We value the personal relationships and bonds that grow between each sponsor and child.

How many sponsors can one child have?

Each child can have from one to four sponsors. The goal is to get every child sponsored for $120 a month. Sponsorships are available for $30, $60, $90 or $120 a month. 

Can I send letters and gifts to my child?

Absolutely! We highly encourage you to build a relationship with your sponsored child. The children love hearing from their sponsors. If you write your child, you can do so in English, and we will translate it for you. If you need ideas of what to send your child, click here,or contact us. Please send all gifts to our Arizona address: P.O. Box 13034, San Luis, AZ 85349. You will receive pictures of them opening the letter/gift by email and will receive a written response from your child in the weeks following.

Can I visit my child?

Your child would be thrilled if you would visit them! The best way to visit them is to go on a mission trip. For more information contact us at trips@ehmission.org.

What happens if my child leaves EHM?

Sometimes children leave the program for various reasons out of our control, like moving to another location or family situations. If your child is no longer considered a part of our program, we will notify you and give you the option to choose a new child to sponsor or have another child assigned to you.

If I can't sponsor, what are other ways I can support Eli House Mission?

There are many ways you can support and help Eli House Mission! Consider donating to our general fund, coming on a trip, buying merchandise, donating items, or simply by spreading the word! We are also always looking to add more people to our organization, if you are interested in getting involved email us at info@ehmission.org!

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