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Mexico Staff


Mexico Team


Jesús Gómez Castro

Jesús is the Director of Eli House in Mexico. He is also the pastor at the local church that we partner with for Eli House in San Luis. He lives on the church grounds with his wife, son, and daughter. A fun-loving person with a heart for kids, he can often be found playing soccer with them! He has worked with Eli House since its founding and has been an essential part of our growth. 


Jovita López López

Jovita is the school principal, as well as the Bible teacher for Eli House. She lives with her parents and seven siblings. She has worked with Eli House since it's founding and is instrumental in keeping the day-to-day happenings of the school running smooth. She loves to work with kids, and she impacts their lives daily. 


Myrna Solano

Myrna is our English teacher at Eli House. She also helps the children with homework, she helps cook, and she helps drive the children to and from Eli House. She is the wife to Pastor Jesús who also works at the school, and she is a mother of two. In August 2019 she started working for Eli House. Eli House is very thankful and blessed to have her serve with us!


Julietta Reynosa

Julietta handles a variety of tasks on a daily basis for Eli House. A few of the tasks she does are: takes pictures and videos for social media, sends and receives mail and gifts for the children. In addition, she also helps out with cooking, homework, and any other need that arises at the school. She has previously worked at Eli House and has also been in our high school program. Since September 2019, she has been employed by Eli House once again. She does a wonderful job, and we are so grateful to have her serving with us!


Leticia Pérez

Leticia or "Lety" is the cook for Eli House! She has been with us since the start of the 2022-2023 school year. The food she makes is delicious and also nutritious for the children. She has a sweet personality and has played games like uno with the children during free time. All four of her children are in the elementary/junior high program, and her younger brother is in the university program at Eli House. 


Emma Lerma Fuentes

Emma is a very valuable asset for Eli House! She crosses the border every week and goes to the post office, picking up packages and letters that sponsors have sent and then mails outgoing thank you cards. Before teams come to stay at our dorms, she cleans them and helps make the beds as well. In addition, whenever we have a medical or dental clinic, she serves as an interpreter. We appreciate Emma and the role she plays at Eli House so much!

USA Staff

USA Team


David Castillo

Child Sponsorship Director

David is a foster and adoptive parent who has served in ministries in Korea, Peru, Ecuador and the United States, focusing on child sponsorship programs. Following a 27-year career in the military, he served full-time as a Children’s Pastor for 7 years and now continues his child advocacy ministry with Eli House Mission. He attends Grace Point Church Medical Center. David owns a photography business specializing in kid’s sports and astro-photography. He and his wife, Dorothy, and their children live in San Antonio, Texas.

Brianna Sommers- Senior 2018-57.jpg

Melodie Sommers

Trip Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Melodie is from Hartville, Ohio and a small business owner.  She has been involved with facilitating short-term teams to Eli House for over six years and also helps with administrative duties. She enjoys reading, cooking and being outdoors.

Brianna Sommers

Administrative Assistant & Media Manager

Brianna is from Hartville, Ohio and a 2018 graduate from Lake Center Christian School. She helps with communication, translation, and child sponsorship. She also helps facilitate short-term mission teams, among various other duties. Brianna enjoys reading, playing sports, and baking.


Josh Wells

Social Media Manager

Josh currently resides in Rootstown, Ohio, with his wife, Megan, and son, River. As a family, they attend Five39 Church in Goodyear Heights. He assists Eli House in various marketing responsibilities and has served on mission trips dating back to 2015. Josh is employed at ForeverLawn in Louisville, Ohio. When he's not found at work, he loves spending time with his family and friends, fishing, running, reading, and studying Scripture. 

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